Who We Are

LisaLisa Safran has significant training experience reinforced by her background in theatre and education. Since founding Improv Consultants, Lisa has focused her efforts on helping organizations to develop healthier teams, strengthen leadership, and enhance communication. Lisa is a dynamic and engaging workshop leader who brings her unique blend of education, training and development, and applied improvisation experience to her clients.



davidSince 1991, David Norfleet has been improvising music with companies around the U.S. and Canada. During the day, he composes and produces music for film, television, multimedia, installations, and anything else he can think of. From 1995-1998 David was active in New York’s improv, live theatre and performance art scene, but transplanted himself to San Francisco to start up his own music/sound studio, Seal Rock Music. (www.sealrockmusic.com)